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What is Endless Brain Energy?

Endless Brain Energy is your continual flow of mental, spiritual, and physical energies which are vital in fulfilling and maintaining your purpose in life. Your “endless” brain energy is obtained through a YOUnique whole brain life strategy resulting in your enormous personal growth and balance.
With “endless” brain energy you have the opportunity to illustrate your added value through creating win-win situations defining and reflecting your core/your significance in your personal and business successes.


  • Continual flow of energy (great resources)
  • Elimination of the emotional roller-coaster (self-motivation)
  • Effective person with Life Balance
  • Great team player (increased creativity)
  • Recognized leader in your area of expertise (productivity)
  • Increased focus, creativity , and productivity

Who is Marcia Harris?

Marcia Harris is a high energy, passionate, and inspirational speaker whose work reminds you of your “YOUniqueness” and inspires you to embrace your legitimate right to be happy living on purpose. Her programs teach you how to create win-win situations that impact others both personally and professionally. Marcia’s YOUnique Whole Brain Life Strategies are designed to help clients tap into their “endless” brain energy.

Marcia has over 20 years of experience with the Social Security Administration as a technical expert, trainer, and a Public Affairs Specialist speaking, doing radio, and training programs in the Ohio, Chicago, Atlanta, and Baltimore areas. Other responsibilities included speaking to Social Service Agencies and pharmacists illustrating strategies that create win-win situations for agencies and the communities they serve. She is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) and the American Counseling Association(ACA). Marcia offers her services to associations, businesses, and universities as well as to individuals who desire personal coaching sessions to create a sense of urgency and greater impact.

Are you ready for “endless” brain energy defining and reflecting your core and significance in personal and business success?

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