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Adult Seminars

“Do You Have What it Takes to Jumpstart your Brain for Business and Personal Success?

Business owners, decision makers, leaders, and educators will leave this session inspired “not to ask” for more tools to win but rather to focus deep within to recognize and effectively use your existing strengths, skills, and talents which represent great value in creating resources and win-win situations.

You as a participant will gain increased self-awareness and knowledge through a YOUnique whole-brain strategy focusing on “endless” brain energy  through  developing healthy relationships, great resources, as well as adding great value through creating win-win situations defining/reflecting your core and significance in personal and business successes.

As you become more aware of how to identify and effectively interact with various types of thinkers and doers existing in your work environment and our society,

your results of increased creativity, increased productivity (effective team work), and win-win for all involved will inspire others to the same.

Participants will leave this session refreshed and prompted to act with a sense of urgency to ” jumpstart” their brain and keep it running with “endless” brain energy for personal and business success!



Student Seminars

MARCIA-HARRIS-BOSTON-YOUTH“Your seminar and Contract for L.I.F.E. has helped me to keep focused on myself. To be honest, I really didn’t think I could take on my new responsibilities as I explained the contract to my children. As ideas and conversations started flowing, I realized this would become our way of life. We are excited and have been successful with more energy and weight loss.”
Erin E. Lambert



  • YOUnique whole brain strategy
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Your purpose
  • Endless brain energy
  • Creativity
  • Healthy relationships
  • Great resources
  • Your refreshing transformation
  • Your personal and business successAdd to Adult Seminars Page