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Embracing Your History

What’s your history? Embracing your history is a great motivator when feeling self doubt or defeat (imagined or not). Embracing your history seriously will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of successful leaders who came before you. Stay tuned for great tips on embracing your history and empowering others to succeed. Continue Reading

Your End Result

As you focus on your educational and personal goals for 2020 you certainly will be confronted with life challenges. We’re here to share that overcoming challenges provides valuable life lessons. Stay tuned for great tips reminding you that your emphasis should not be on “what” you have accomplished, but “who” you have become in the… Continue Reading

Who Is On Your Back Burner in 2020?

Your happiness and prosperity is related directly to your priorities in life. I wonder “who” or what is first, second, third, or fourth on your life burners? You normally place the important things, your family members or important tasks, on the front burner or your priority list to keep life running smoothly or successfully. Those… Continue Reading