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It’s Time to Reboot

As you approach the end of this year, as you review your short and long-term goals, as you suddenly realize that some relationships are not creating a win-win; you suddenly realize it is time to stop and reboot your life in order to establish a fresh new start! Success stories have often shared that cleansing… Continue Reading

What’s in your Backyard?

Imagine seeking a solution to reach your life dream. You don’t know where to begin so you go out of your way to connect with a recommended person who lives miles away. Yes! You believe going outside of your area will surely provide access to a valuable or great resource. However; what you feel is… Continue Reading

Don’t Get it Twisted

At times family and friends may mistake your kindness for a weakness. You may then decide it necessary to state “Please, don’t get it twisted!” Yes! You may also find it necessary to clarify the purpose of your contribution or kind service. Often times we see in others a potential for greatness which they fail… Continue Reading