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The Benefits of Your Good Circulation

As you move into the spring season you will notice movement and life is springing up all around you. Movement and circulation go hand-in-hand and are required for your mental and physical wellness. Studies indicate that your body has new cell growth approximately every 21 days. Yes!  Let me remind you that your mental and… Continue Reading

Your Holiday Spirit!

You may have noticed that during the holiday season the spirit of love surrounding you is high with expectations of meeting short term goals to make the holiday complete. The vision behind the goal is love and appreciation. Keep in mind, appreciation is key in all seasons of the year if you expect great results… Continue Reading

Your Season of Thanks and Giving

Your season of thanks and giving begins with you! History and success stories share that you cannot give more than you receive.During this holiday season of giving you may feel you have very little to give due to your demanding schedule and financial responsibilities. Keep in mind that success stories share it is best to… Continue Reading

Its Time to Be Bold

Imagine you with a higher level of confidence in your tone with action inspiring others to be true to themselves. It is time to be bold.  Why you Ask? I recently lost a brother unexpectedly.  I will never be the same! There will always be a hole within me that I will attempt to fill… Continue Reading