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There is Nothing New Under the Sun

As you live from day to day in challenging times, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a hopeful emotional state of mind in order to maintain your focus and to achieve your desired results. Yes! Studies remind us that there is nothing new under the sun. Success stories, decades ago, shared strategies that provided positive… Continue Reading

The Art of Winning your Battle

With today’s national health challenges, winning involves more than one area in your life in order to maintain balance. Your victory includes developing a strategy for a physical, mental, and spiritual victory. Before focusing and on your own victory and strategy to succeed, it is important to first look around and consider helping others who… Continue Reading

Who are You Really?

Imagine and revisit your original New Year’s vision for 2020. 2020 had such a perfect sound! This was going to be your perfect year. You haven’t changed your goal nor vision however; our world health situation has certainly changed! As a result of our sudden change in routines and communication, your vision has been placed on hold. … Continue Reading