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Your Sense of Urgency

As you move into the holiday season viewing your work day, there are many times you may tell yourself “there’s no way I can achieve all of this in the allotted time.” Why? Your mental calculations tell you how much time each activity or interaction may take and it seems impossible to do it all. … Continue Reading

Your Best Thinking

You have often been reminded by success stories that your best thinking is responsible for your present position in life.  Yes!  I wonder, if you could do it all over again how would you plan differently?   I wonder, how can you turn your consistent pattern of reacting to live in a new direction? Your best… Continue Reading

Make Silence your Best Friend

About to make an important life decision?  Don’t rush; make silence your best friend for a few hours. About to review a few notes for an important meeting?  Don’t rush; let silence increase your focus. Need to think creatively before your next task?  Silence is exactly what you need to connect the dots. Click here… Continue Reading


A good recipe is shared again and again for the consistent results it produces.  I have often been reminded to begin your week with the end in mind to experience the best results. Did you know that it all begins with your amazing brain?  As you visualize your end results for this week, commit to… Continue Reading