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A Change in Time: A Change in You

A change in time and life situation may also involve a change in you! As you embrace the change in time for the season, you may be considering a time change in your personal family and business schedule. Yes! You have often been reminded that change is constant and in order to grow it is… Continue Reading

Embracing your History

February is Black History month. It is a reminder that African-Americans have overcome many mental, physical, and spiritual struggles or challenges resulting in hundreds of amazing leaders, inventors, and discoverers. Embracing your history can be beneficial as a great motivator when you begin to experience self-doubt and discrimination (imagined or real). Embracing your history is… Continue Reading

Who Is On Your Back Burner in 2020?

Your happiness and prosperity is related directly to your priorities in life. I wonder “who” or what is first, second, third, or fourth on your life burners? You normally place the important things, your family members or important tasks, on the front burner or your priority list to keep life running smoothly or successfully. Those… Continue Reading