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Have you Lost Your Senses?

Have you Lost Your Senses?

Imagine waking up refreshed and determined to make a difference, to make a positive change in your attitude, and to make an increase in your energy level today. You make your “to do” list and set your priorities.  You then begin at the top of your list and think to yourself “Something doesn’t feel right, something tells me that I need to hold off on No. 1 and move to No. 3.  You then convince yourself to stick to your original list.  You tell yourself “the order really doesn’t matter as long as I complete everything today.”

Later in the evening you discover that you have completed only half of your “to do” list.  “What happened?” you ask yourself.   Somehow I lost focus or energy half-way through my list.  You are puzzled and ask yourself “How, When, and Why?”

According to the Good Book, The American Counseling Association, Steven Covey and many others who have made great progress in life, putting your body and mind first is the key.   Steven Covey stated you must put first things first and it all starts in the mind.  Your amazing resource, the brain, will alert you when there is danger or you need to become more aware through one sense or another.  Perhaps you have previously received warning signs or alerts through your sense of smell (smoke, spoiled food, chemicals), your sense of hearing (loud sounds, cries or harsh winds), your sense of touch, or sense of sight (smoke, or fire).  I wonder, did you receive the alerts and act appropriately and are you using your senses to make wise decisions.

As time moves on, there are life challenges we all must face which require discipline and patience to overcome.  These personal challenges may come in the form of unrealistic time frames, food, drugs, unimportant extended conversations, television, or social media.  These life challenges take up valuable  time needed to invest in your body, mind, and purpose.

It has been stated that if you are comfortable, you are not truly living because growth in life comes from   stretching to move outside your box of comfort.  Growth comes from giving, serving, and exerting when you thought there was nothing left in you.  Stepping outside your comfort zone, with no limits, requires you to maximize the use of your talents and skills and move to a higher level of being.

You now ask yourself “How do I begin to change to truly maximize my talents and skills?

Keep in mind that history and studies have shown that successful people do “simple” things extraordinary well.  That is they are consistent in doing what they believe in long after others have lost interest in their dream or goal.

Keep in mind, that no individual challenge is less important than that of another.  One person’s  strength is another person’s struggle.  Each challenge or struggle requires discipline with a commitment to change.  Each struggle requires a positive attitude, motivation, and an accountability partner (This could be your higher power).

Next, you must have a plan of action which involves all your senses.  In other words, you need a whole body commitment!   Studies show that your brain work it’s best when all parts (right and left hemispheres) are working in harmony toward a common goal.  When your physical, analytical, and emotional parts are focused on the same goal and moving in the same direction it will be clear that your sense of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell are harmonious and there is no stopping you now!

In closing, Are you ready to maintain and use your senses?  If you replied “yes”, remember that it takes  commitment and consistency in your new routine saying “no” to the unimportant actions (extended television, social media, conversations, and social events) and “yes” to the important ones (increase in nutrition, sleep, exercise, educational reading, and helping others).

I believe that if you are willing to commit to making these simple daily changes you have not but regained your senses.  As you take care of your senses, your senses will take care of you!

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