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The fall season represents an opportunity to examine your progress or growth and to shed or let go of items that weight you down.

As you approach your new season and review this year’s goals and progress, there may be a number of things you want to shed and to let go.  As you examine the past few months, are you satisfied with your progress?  As you examine your progress closely, do you see or feel there is some weight that is slowing you down?   I wonder, what are the items that you could let go of that would lift your spirit and sense of purpose, your physical energy, and your creativity in making a positive change?  You may hesitate now to ask yourself “How do I gain the strength to become proactive and shed the mental weight that is  holding me down and slowing me up?

Take a moment to admit that accomplishing your personal or business goal is at the top of your list.

Admit that you become excited as you visualize yourself achieving your goals and inspiring your family and friends to do the same? Are you still wondering “how”?

Let’s discuss two (2) methods to shed and gain your freedom to move ahead.   Let me remind you “The only way you fail is that you quit “ Are you ready to move forward?

  1. Speaking directly and taking responsibility for the moment and action you desire will empower you. As you step outside your box of comfort, you shed the obligation placed upon you by others. As you state “I have a previous commitment” you take full responsibility for the moment and do not blame others.
  2. Be proactive. Examine your daily activities and recognize what is an investment to your mental or physical health. This includes nutrition, exercise, and positive audios or conversations. Keep in mind, healthy food and an exercise program is less expensive than many medical prescriptions, doctor visits, and hospital stays.

The end result is increased energy, better sleep, and a more confident you!

It is important to set priorities and put your health practices before the demands of your busy day.  You will soon find you are shedding the mental and physical weight that slows you down and robs you of longer days and hours that disappear without a trace.

I challenge you this month to shed the things that weigh you down and free up your mind and time to experience opportunities and success in your new season of change!

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