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Building Your Emotional Intelligence

Building Your Emotional Intelligence
marcia3As you are challenged with what to purchase for family members and others this holiday season, please remember that the best gifts are free and never lose their heartfelt value or ability to brighten the mind with a beautiful memory. They also benefit you, the giver, as well as the receiver.

Giving your best gift can be a boost to your emotional intelligence as you use positive emotions in making the right gift selection. You evaluate how your gift can add value to that special family member or friend. You ask yourself “would I love to receive this from someone I care about?” Now, listen closely for an answer from your heart.

Building your emotional intelligence provides you with inner peace allowing you to make wise decisions as well as respond with predictable calm and confidence in stressful situations. Your emotional intelligence involves you developing a great body -mind connection as you learn to listen to the messages from your senses. Your consistency in keeping a cool head in heated situations makes you a natural leader in your family and community as your ability to make wise decisions is highly valued.

Now, imagine going through each day this season attempting to balance your time and money for family, friends, work, and other commitments without the use of your positive emotions. Using this approach, you may find yourself confronted with making decisions that will emotionally drain you as are determined to make the “right” decisions without being true to yourself. You will later realize you have chosen to ignore some important factors that would normally lead you in the right direction and to the right decision. You now realize that you are on an emotional roller coaster as a result of your choice to make an impression, please others, and disregard the use of positive emotions.

You now ask “how do I get off of this unpleasant emotional ride?”

Let me remind you of the statement “you must use it or lose it”. At this time, you have experienced a loss in your emotional intelligence as a result of your choice not to use your positive emotions in making decisions. Next, to get off your emotional roller coaster, you must choose to begin to rebuild your emotional intelligence by following a few steps:

  1. Recognize and take actions which trigger positive emotions such as encouragement, excitement, expectancy, hope, or a smile.
  2. Be determined to increase these activities for yourself and others until you can stand and balance from the confidence you have created.
  3. Make every day a season for giving making your free gifts a priority.

I challenge you this month to build your emotional intelligence and make every day your season for giving!

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