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Determining Value in Your Season of Giving

You have often heard “You cannot give more than you receive”. However, Thanksgiving and your holiday season of giving often times adds pressure to your mind and budget. You may find yourself faced with decisions on whether to give, how much to give, and to whom to give. You wonder, “shall I pay my regular expenses… Continue Reading

Letting Go

Imagine you with endless mental, physical, and spiritual energy.  Imagine you off that emotional roller coaster focused, creative, and ready to live your purpose. Imagine you doing what you do best with the least amount of effort making a difference because you are true to yourself. Believe it or not, your imagination of a bright… Continue Reading

YOUnique Whole Brain Seminar

The YOUnique Whole Brain Life Skills Seminar to jumpstart your brain for personal and business was a great success! The community members were eager to learn more on how their Brain works and engaged in activities to jumpstart their brain personal and business success in 2017. To experience this program in your area contact Marcia… Continue Reading