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Your Interdependence

Did you realize that it is good to be independent; however; it takes a greater skill to become interdependent (my favorite word).  Yes, I said Interdependence.  Interdependence is the ability to recognize the ability, talents, and resources in others and to be excited for an opportunity to come together so that each and every one… Continue Reading

What’s “Your” Problem?

You may be asked “What’s your problem?”  In that moment the person inquiring may be referring to your “attitude” not your obstacle which keeps you going in circles or going forward and backward/backwards and forward. In the past I have discussed two types of thinkers:(1) the horizontal  thinker and (2) the vertical  thinker. You as… Continue Reading

“Are You Celebrated or Tolerated?”

The month of February is full of celebrations and historical birthdays, leaders, and love. History documents that those who fail to learn from their history are doomed to repeat it. Is that you? As you look back on the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of those who came before you, a common denominator of passionate inspiring… Continue Reading