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Maintaining your Positive brain energy

Imagine you with “endless” brain energy!  You beginning each day with a mental, physical, and spiritual energy balance.  You off that emotional roller coaster!  As you move forward this week, an important key to your success is maintaining your motivation.  Begin each day with meditation and positive self-talk.  Studies show that repeating a positive belief about your future several… Continue Reading

Your Unexpected Life Events

Unexpected life events are life lessons which increase your awareness of the importance of relationships and lead to wisdom in adding value and making an imprint through kindness and understanding.  I have been reminded that it’s not what happens to you but “how”you respond to what happens to you that will impact your life and… Continue Reading

Determining Value in Your Season of Giving

You have often heard “You cannot give more than you receive”. However, Thanksgiving and your holiday season of giving often times adds pressure to your mind and budget. You may find yourself faced with decisions on whether to give, how much to give, and to whom to give. You wonder, “shall I pay my regular expenses… Continue Reading

Your Favorite Things

“Starting your Day with your favorite activity or person is a move in the right direction. Why not start with yourself?  Why? (you ask yourself) I would like to share that I have often been reminded “You cannot be good for someone else until you have learned to be good to yourself.” Doing your favorite things can… Continue Reading