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marcia3Have you passed this way before? Are you riding on an emotional roller coaster? As you move through your life, you may from time to time feel as if you have passed this way before through a flashback of a similar situation caused by a similar pattern of actions not clearly thought out.

As you continue on your way, you stop and wonder how you could find yourself in a similar situation without learning from your past experience.  I believe that you may have learned from your earlier experience; however a key to benefiting from what you learn is to document the situation (write it down) and set a goal to benefit from the experience within a particular future time.  An example would be “by this time next month I will have saved enough to purchase that needed item by not being a compulsive spender.”

Dr. Dennis Kimbro once said that “what gets measured gets done.” In other words a thoughtfully designed plan of action to reach a particular result will guarantee your success if you can tell yourself five things: how, when, where, why, and who will benefit from your specific plan to reach a specific result.   Now in measuring your progress you must be able to tell yourself how you are going to do it, when this action will take place, where will it take place, why you are committing the time and lastly, who will benefit from this plan.  These details all involve measuring your time, your skills, your commitment, and your results.

As you engage your amazing brain, your 100 billion neurons, with your specific plan of details, you will feel and notice the creativity and excitement steadily increasing.  You instinctively know that if you follow and measure your expected results, you will overcome your obstacles as you create a new path and journey in your life!

I challenge you this month to measure the change you want to see in your life by engaging your amazing brain with steps and details that will guarantee your success!  Keep in mind, when you succeed, you will be inspiring others to do the same!

Have a great month of change!

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