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HOW and What are you Circulating?

HOW and What are you Circulating?

As you deal with personal and community challenging times and experience unexpected losses, it is important to keep in mind that how you respond to life situations will often determine the impact it has on you mentally and physically.

How and what you circulate makes a great difference in the value you receive from that situation.   Receiving great value from an unexpected challenge can lead to a greater impact on you and the course of action you follow to improve your future.

If you feel, there is very little time or value involved, the impact on your life will be small or insignificant.

You may pause and wonder how circulation is involved with challenging times.  Did you know that circulation is a key to your physical, mental, and spirit health and well-being?  According to medical studies, your ability to bounce back from life situations (resilience) is directly related to your body circulation and response.  Your heart rate and blood flow is affected by your physical activity or how much you move around or circulate with friends and family as well as in your personal quiet time.

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