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marcia3As you review your progress for the year, you may have noticed that you are not accomplishing some of your goals that you felt were certainly within your reach.

At this moment, I am wondering what bait are you using to catch your dream?

Just as you need bait to attract and catch your fish; you also need bait to attract and catch your resources necessary to obtain your goals.

It has been stated that “To become great at what you do, you must walk hand in hand with great people.” I wonder, who are you associating and walking with?

Let’s move on. In order to attract the right resources, your bait must reflect your passion, your energy, and your purpose with results creating a win-win for all involved.

Like fish, I have noticed that people are attracted to objects which reflect light, energy, and movement.

Let’s now take a moment to review the bait you are currently using. Does your bait reflect the following:

  • Curiously
  • Interest
  • Excitement
  • Enthusiasm

If so, your bait will work well for you to draw in the “must have” resources needed to help you to fulfill and to maintain your goals in which to live your dream.

If not, let’s discuss a few ways that you can develop your bait which will help you to catch your resources:

  • Imagine yourself in the shoes of another who is in need of encouragement. What type of energy would you want to walk away with? Start giving this energy.
  • What opportunity can you present that is a win-win for all involved? ( It can be simple)
  • What experience or story can you share that will develop a common interest or bond?

In closing, consider the bait you are using to catch your resources or dream. Does it meet the requirements to attract the right people, the right opportunities?

If not, commit today to develop your bait to catch the resources, the people, and the opportunities necessary to achieve your goals and to make your dream a reality.

Be sure to add your determination and irresistible reflection of your passion and purpose!

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