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You have often been reminded that April showers bring May flowers.
I want to encourage you to look at this statement in a personal light.

Your personal showers represent great investments into your future. Your personal showers
often represent sacrifices that cut deep and are painful to the heart, soul, and mind.

Although painful, your sacrifices can help you to grow and develop deep roots which are vital to positioning yourself for those mental, physical, and spiritual storms you must go through if you are determined to be true to yourself and live your purpose.

At this time, you are probably beginning to feel uncomfortable as I mention sacrifices and personal storms. You may say to yourself, “I haven’t recognized my unique purpose and am unwilling to make any sacrifices right now.”

Let me remind you that we all have a purpose. To discover yours, you must schedule regular quiet times and allow your imagination to flow with your favorite thoughts and activities.

marcia3Now let’s take a moment to consider some possible sacrifices that represent your personal showers.
If you want to experience a new you,you must let go of old routines and old ideas.

You must open up now (not tomorrow) to allow fresh ideas to saturate your mind. It is time to admit that without a challenge and a sacrifice you may never realize your strength, never have an opportunity to test the depth of your roots, and never develop the confidence that you will be able to withstand life storms.

Now, what are you willing to let go of that represents a sacrifice?

Remember a meaningful sacrifice cuts deep. It causes increased self-awareness of the importance of choosing a direction that will lead you to your freedom, to the true you. It will remind you of the lesson learned and the fact that you do not wish to relive that experience.

A meaningful sacrifice could require that you choose to let go and to be alone for long periods of time to make important decisions. This means letting go of others who represent an obstacle to your personal growth.

In other words, I am not referring to giving up meals, clothing, or tangible items. I am referring to your physical and
mental sacrifices that result in transformation.

Finally, your sacrifices will result in “beautiful flowers” called benefits, skills, and confidence. These lovely flowers will build a bridge between you and those in need.

The great news is, sharing your story will show others how personal sacrifices, although painful, can produce beautiful flowers called energy, hope, confidence, and courage.

In closing, your showers or sacrifices in life should always place you in a position of growth to create win-win for those within your reach.

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