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Your Season of Change

marcia3Your season of change is right here, right now!

The month of September (9/11 attacks) continues to remind us that tomorrow is promised to no one and that we must come together as family and community to create a

mental, physical, and spiritual support system to keep us focused and moving forward into a new season.

As you physically and mentally prepare for your season of change with time and weather, today is a great opportunity to prepare for your season of change within. This is an opportunity to impact your life as well as the lives of others through mental and spiritual growth.  It all begins in your mind.

Take a moment and asked yourself what is it I would like to change in order to live and feel life at its fullest?  What is it that I would like to do that would give joy and happiness to my family, friends, and those I work with?

You may admit deep within that you don’t know where to begin. A good place to begin is to connect with others with a greeting or encouraging statement. Take a moment to realize that we are more alike than we are different.

How? (you wonder).  Keep in mind that we all have a common need for food, shelter, health, family, and friends.

Now, focus on what is missing that would make you feel much better physically or mentally to live and feel life at it’s fullest?

Keep in mind, everything you need is just one person away.  In order to build your courage and confidence, you want to start out with positive self-talk daily before reaching out in your season of change.
This is a powerful start.

Next, your season of change requires that you make a mental and physical change by practicing your personal goal for the next 21 days.  By practicing your desired action again and again and again your mind is telling your amazing brain that you are serious and these actions are an important part of your new season.

Your success in your season of change is just what you need to build the missing link in your mental, physical, and spiritual life.  I would like to add it is very important to have an accountability partner to  declare your commitment.

Don’t have one? Think again. How about your higher power?

Finally, you want to jot down your progress each day in your calendar or journal.  Listening, sharing, acting, and writing require that you use different areas of your brain leading to increased enthusiasm, memory, and harmony as you build new connections prompting you to act with a sense of urgency as they continually reinforce one another.

In closing, keep in mind your season of change is right now!  Commit to getting what is missing in your life.  Jot it down one day at a time and follow up with action and practice. Let your “endless” brain energy carry you through your season of change with commitment, determination, and success!

Have a great month of change!

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  1. Thank you for your energy! Where do you go from here? Put your energy to work for you and create win-win situations. You are the solution!

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