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The Power of Staying Connected

marcia3You can remember saying “you made my day, “I’ll call you tomorrow”, or “let’s keep in touch”,  However, in the blink of an eye, weeks have flown by and you have lost your connection as well as your high level of energy and enthusiasm. You now say to yourself with disappointment,” I just missed out on another great opportunity to grow.”

Let’s stop here and take a moment to admit that meeting others who have a common goal or interest to make a difference doesn’t happen often. This is why staying connected with those who express that common interest and excitement is vital to building a great resource pool.

Did you know that connecting and maintaining your positive relationships will prompt you and others to act with a sense of urgency?

Did you know that brainstorming is great brain exercise which motivates you to think outside the box with creativity?  Yes, the more creative you are the more dendrites or brain cells you develop as each new thought connects to a previous experience or thought and, as a result, you have a greater idea based on the process of connecting.  I hope you see how the power of connecting within and with others can go on and on and on giving you a mental energy boost for hours.

After you experience this energy boost, you tell yourself you must continue to connect for two main reasons:

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