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Determining Value in Your Season of Giving

You have often heard “You cannot give more than you receive”.

However, Thanksgiving and your holiday season of giving often times adds pressure to your mind and budget. You may find yourself faced with decisions on whether to give, how much to give, and to whom to give.

You wonder, “shall I pay my regular expenses before or after the season of giving.” You fear, once again, that you will go over board and suffer the consequences of not having enough to balance your needs and your desire to give.

Often times we associate the size or dollar amount with the value of our gift or contribution. Let’s stop right here, right now, to develop a new mindset for value.

In determining value, it is important to ask yourself “will my gift still have value in five years? Will my gift add to the confidence and self-image of my friend or loved one?   Is my gift a reflection of what I see in them?

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