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Passing On Your Gift of Life

Passing On Your Gift of Life

The month of May celebrates our mothers.  An important part of “who” you are is directly related to that special woman, your mother.   An important part of “who” you are also comes indirectly from your parents through your life experiences and learned coping skills.   Your gift of life (your talents and developed skills) should always be shared with others.

Sharing your gift of life passed on to you through your mother and life experiences is a win-win as it sharpens your gift as well as motivates and encourages others.

Keep in mind, you must be self-motivated in order to motivate others.   A part of staying motivated to pass on your gift of life is being true to yourself which comes from practicing gratitude and appreciation for the small and core things in life including spiritual, mental, and physical health as well as your unique gifts.

Your ability to recognize your gift of life often comes from childhood and family memories recalling how you contributed in both good and challenging times.  Recalling your memories of how you encouraged or helped Mom and other family members will certainly bring pleasant and positive emotions to mind.   Recalling these memories of strength and creative thinking will remind you that your special gift which still exists today.

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