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You Have What It Takes to Celebrate Two Great Holidays?

marcia3The month of November celebrates Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

First of all, Veterans Day honors our veterans and is a reminder of the sacrifice that countless veterans made to serve our country.

As you know, their sacrifice came at a very high cost which included distant family relationships, losing out on their children’s daily growth and accomplishments as well as other family celebrations. This does not include dealing daily with their individual physical and mental challenges.

I imagine the veteran’s bravery was tested long after their return to their families and communities. I imagine our Veterans found themselves challenged daily as they no longer saw  life in a light hearted way, but in a more  serious light from the constant reminders of difficult tasks and assignments which were required in order to maintain their military status, protect  their country, and finally return  home to loved ones.

I imagine our veterans thinking “you have no idea what real life challenges are; you have no idea of the real meaning of fear, stress, and pain”.

I imagine, if we were given one day to walk in the shoes of a veteran that our appreciation for family and the small basic things in life would greatly increase.

I had the privilege of listening to a few family experiences. I feel certain that I received the PG version to spare me the details that would surely bring
on unbelievable feelings of sadness, anger, appreciation, and much more.

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