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marcia3As you spring forward to jumpstart your month and new season, you may hesitate to set or share a desired goal.

For just a second, you had a flashback of the discouraging comments from a close family member, friend, or team member the last time you stepped out to share your excitement. You silently wonder why you choose to share your excitement and why you would consider stepping out again.

After hearing their comments, you ask yourself “How could I have been wrong; it felt so right.” Could their opinion of me be true?

At this moment, I would like to share with you a statement that you should take very seriously. “Someone’s opinion of you does not make it your reality”

We all are unique persons and with that uniqueness comes our individual frame of reference. There is not one person with the exact same perception of life. What I feel is a good life or opportunity for you may not be perceived in the same light by you (or another).   We each see and hear through our individual frames. Your perception (how you see through your frame of reference) is based on your life experiences, your age at the time, your support system, your ability to voice your opinion, and lastly being viewed as a valuable member of the team who is permitted to have a choice.

You may feel that age and mental development has a lot to do with making a decision. This is true. However, when one is trying to make a choice to act; there is often an opportunity to communicate the consequences of his or her decision.

The ability to react emotionally with calm, sharing two or more results of a decision, involves your opinion, but also permits the other party to have his or her opinion. Seeing the bigger picture and how everyone is affected today and in the future can help to build an understanding. It can help to c larify why sharing goals are important.

In closing, as you receive feedback and opinions from others, remember that we each have our individual “frame of reference” through which we see the world. Also, keep in mind that life experiences may often blur one’s vision.

Your challenge this month will be to help others to see the “Big” picture. Can you see beyond what you see in front of you? Can you reveal this to your family, friend, or team member?

In doing so, you now know and believe that “Someone’s opinion of you does not make it your reality”.

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